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Get ready for an adventure with Pow Wow Trail UK, where old friends and new come together with dance, drums and song in a celebration of life and Native American culture!

What Makes a Pow Wow?

All Pow Wows begin with Grand Entry. This is the opening ceremony, where drums beat out the grand entry song and all dancers are welcomed into the arena for an opening dance.

Dancers in the arena dance mainly in a clockwise direction; this represents the movement of the sun and all living things through the circle of life and its connection to all.

As a spectator, you will experience difference dance styles, both traditional and modern.

There will also be dances throughout the day which anyone can join. During these special dances, we welcome both dancers in regalia and spectators to come in and get involved!

Pow Wow is an incredibly musical event, with drums and singing to be heard throughout the day. Whether you are watching the dancers in the circle, browsing stalls, or just enjoying the atmosphere, you will hear the steady beat of the drum and powerful voices of the singers as they carry through the venue, bringing the event to life.

In the evenings during camping events, you will often hear the music of a flute on the wind as you camp out under the stars. It's also common to come across an impromptu gathering around an open fire, where campers come to share stories, songs and enjoy each others company.

It's not just dancing and singing which make a Pow Wow, but also the array of diverse and unique trade stalls - each one offering a treasure trove of handmade, bespoke and authentic wares for you to browse and enjoy!

Explore your way through beautiful crystals, delicately crafted garments, unusual items and other curiosities, as you lose yourself in the smell of sage and burning incense.

Also offered are wellness treatments, holistic therapies and spiritual services to refresh your mind, body and soul.


Many of our traders have spent years perfecting their craft and have a wealth of knowledge, all questions are welcomed so if there is anything you are interested in learning more about please do ask!

Pow Wows are open to both day visitors and those who want to extend their experience by camping.


Tents, trailers, caravans and teepees (for those who have them!), are all welcome. Camping is affordably priced and electrical hook-ups can be arranged, so that everyone is able to enjoy the experience.

If you own a teepee and would like assistance in pitching it, please contact us and we'd be more than happy to discuss this with you.

We're proud to share our events in a safe and inclusive community where everyone is welcome.

The Lakota saying "Mitakuye Oyasin" (in English "we are all related") is at the heart of all that we do, and so regardless or whether you are an old friend or a visitor attending Pow Wow for the very first time, you will be welcomed warmly and treated like family.

People from all backgrounds and walks of life come together during Pow Wow. If you're attending any of our events please rest assured that you will be treated with kindness and respect, and we respectfully ask that you do the same for others.

To ensure all of our events remain family-friendly, we operate under a strict no drugs or alcohol policy.

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